Is Allianz good travel insurance for parents visiting USA

How good is Allianz travel insurance for parents visiting USA? Is it worth the hype? Let us take a look.

If you’re looking for comprehensive travel insurance for your trip to the United States, Allianz is a great option. Their plans cover everything from medical expenses to lost or stolen baggage, and they have a wide range of deductibles and coverage limits to choose from.

Best of all, their 24/7 assistance line is always available to help you resolve any problems that may arise while you’re away.

You need insurance. But is Allianz the best option for parents?

When parents visit the USA, it is important for them to choose a good travel insurance company.

This will ensure that they are covered in the event of an emergency.

There are many travel insurance companies out there, so it is important to do some research to find one that is reputable and will provide the coverage that you need.

Allianz travel insurance is a good option for parents visiting the USA. The company offers several different plans that can cover trip delays or medical emergencies.

Allianz also has a 24-hour hotline that can assist with any problems that may arise while you are traveling.

If you’re looking for comprehensive travel insurance coverage, Allianz is a great option. Allianz offers a variety of travel insurance plans, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Allianz’s most popular plan is the Allianz Global Assistance Classic Plan.

This plan covers trip cancellation, interruption, delay, medical expenses, and more. It also includes 24/7 emergency assistance, so you can get help when you need it most.

If you’re looking for a plan with even more coverage, the Allianz Global Assistance Premium Plan is a great option.

This plan includes all of the coverage in the Classic Plan, plus additional coverage for things like baggage loss and delay, rental car damage, and more.

No matter which plans you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting comprehensive coverage from a company with over 85 years of experience.

Is it good for parents, though?

The Allianz Global Premium Plan is a great option for parents visiting the USA for the short term because it provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, trip interruption, baggage loss, and more.

The plan also includes emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage, which can be invaluable if something happens while you are away from home.

Allianz Global Premium Plan also provides coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, and prescription drugs. The policy also covers preventive care, such as vaccinations and routine screenings.

Additionally, the Allianz Global Premium Plan offers coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorders.

A word of caution

There are a few drawbacks to the Allianz Global Premium Plan.

First, the premium is relatively high when compared to other international health insurance plans. This may be a deterrent for some people who are looking for an affordable option.

Additionally, the coverage is not as comprehensive as some of the other plans on the market.

For example, it does not cover evacuation or repatriation, which could be a problem if you were to become injured or sick while traveling.

Finally, customer service has been known to be slow in responding to claims and questions.


The best travel insurance for parents visiting the USA will vary depending on individual circumstances.

However, some tips to keep in mind when shopping for travel insurance for parents visiting the USA include:

  • Make sure the policy covers medical expenses, as this is one of the most important aspects of travel insurance.
  • Consider the age of your parents, as some policies may exclude coverage for older travelers.
  • Look for a policy with comprehensive coverage, as this will provide the most protection.
  • Get quotes from multiple insurers to compare prices and coverage options.

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